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New Beginnings

I graduate in a week and one day.

I’m moving on to newer and stranger things outside my comfort zone.

And thus, due to this and a healthy dose of blog ADD, I present to you this:

The Uncomfort Zone: Foraying into the Sanity-Draining Darkness that is Reality

I hope to still occasionally update this blog with writing-related posts that’ll be cross-posted from my new blog.

Wish me luck as I attempt to enter the real world cleverly disguised as an adult.


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Final Push

Here’s my list of what I have left to do for my finals:

History 436:

– Done. Just need to attend class tomorrow to watch other peoples’ presentations 🙂

Religion 215:

– Done. Just need to check with the prof about emailing him an outline of my presentation
– If so, email prof outline of presentation

English 452:

– Read last 3 short stories and edit
– Write responses to the letters
– Write revision statement of intent
– Write reflective letter about strengths as a  writer
– Write up 3 – 4 short pieces to put in the portfolio
– Turn in portfolio Thursday Dec 9th

Religion 409:

– Read and make notes on the life of St. Augustine
– Supplement with research from his original works
– Outline research paper, set up as a chronology of his life
– Construct powerpoint presentation
– Write up handouts with examples of Augustine’s philosophy
– Practice presentation
– Give presentation on Thursday morning, get notes from Dr. Turner
– Write 10 to 20 page paper on this research, turn it in Monday the 13th

And so goes the madness. I graduate a week Saturday.

Ho. Lee. Crap.

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Where have I been all weekend?

Working on my project for my History class. Tomorrow I will scan all 24 hand-drawn, hand-colored and painted pages for my project: ‘Saints, Witches, Madwomen: An A to Z”. Until then, I am going to drink a cup of hot peppermint tea, watch Battlestar Galactica, and pass out in the hopes that tomorrow I won’t suffer to much for being up so late to get so much done.

The madness is just beginning, but I’ve been through far worse in less time.

Dead week has begun.

Bring it on.

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So that’s it. It’s December 1st and NaNoWriMo 2010 is officially over. To all my friends who won, or even attempted this utter insanity, I offer my hat to you in congratulations. Now go sleep for a week. You’ve earned it.

This was a rough NaNo for me. I powered out of the gate, guns and pen blazing like a racehorse covered in napalm, but then I hit stumbling blocks that extinguished my fire and tripped me until I was ass-deep in dirt. I hit 50k on the 15th after two weeks of exhausting myself and then said ‘I can’t keep this up.’

I blame school mostly. I’m almost to the finish line of my final semester of college, and because of this projects, papers and presentations have taken me by the arms and said ‘oh no you don’t!’ and have forced me to pay attention to my studies while leaving my novel projects by the wayside. And I gave in. I chose not to fight. ‘This is my fate’, I said, and allowed the bastardly assignments to claim me.

Normally I wouldn’t do anything of the sort. The writing comes first, hell or high water. This semester is different though. This is the last time I have to put school first. In about two and a half weeks I’ll be done with homework in it’s traditional form and donning my cap and gown at ass in the morning, traipse across that stage and give the University the finger, wishing it Good Riddance.

Then I can get down to the real thing; actually writing.

That’s the real thing I’ve learned this November. That it really wasn’t about the wordcount for me. I’ve discovered that I’m definitely an overachiever, because most of the novels I come up with don’t fit in the 50k frame. I also don’t like to stop in the middle of a scene. I don’t like writing with abandon, because I write fast enough that I have the time to edit as I go.

NaNoWriMo isn’t about writing 50,000 words for me. It’s about writing. Just writing. The act of putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, and creating. There’s no right way to do this mad month of noveling, no matter what people may say. And while I love a lot of the community surrounding NaNo, a lot of it just gives me a headache. People being people of course, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Or put up with it.

This is my third NaNo, and I will continue to participate, but I will also be taking the spirit of writing daily into my new, post-graduate life. It’s time to put writing first, and even though it stung, even though my idea turned out to be ill-suited for prose novel form, this is, and was, the very last time I have to put school first.

So that’s that. Ghost was a good exercise, but I don’t think it’s the novel for me. I hope to be transferring it to Graphic Novel format as next year progresses. As well as this Jeff and I are looking to start a webcomic together (casually, nothing serious of course), and I’m going to focus my noveling on Strain 10.

And hopefully I’ll end up getting a job so I can support myself without having to eat my own foot.

So that’s my NaNo 2010. Rewarding, but backburnered quickly. I didn’t make it to my minimum goal of 75k, let alone 100k. But I hit the 50 thousand, and right now that’s good enough for me.

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