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What am I thankful for this year?

My mother, who believes in culinary indulgences like wrapping the Thanksgiving Turkey in bacon, but also respects my vegetarianism enough to make me her homemade mac and cheese so I have more to eat during thanksgiving dinner than beans and potatoes.

I’m thankful for Skype, because it allowed me to talk to my sister who is currently over four thousand miles away in England, and this was our first Thanksgiving without her.

I’m thankful for this guy:

Who is a master of chopping apples, mashing potatoes, and cuddling while watching Pixar Movies (yesterday we watched Ratatouille and Up). Not to mention eating massive amounts of delicious food, as my mother and I are incapable of cooking for anything less than an army.

Including delicious pies.

I’m thankful for food comas.

And adorable sleeping cats.

I’m thankful for having days off from school. For warm fuzzy blankets. For hot soup and tea on cold days. Movies that make me laugh until I cry and cry until I laugh. My family. My friends. My life about to begin with graduating college. My car. Good books. Good music. Hot showers. Backrubs. Joss Whedon shows. My writing, and my love of the written word.

And love.

I’m especially thankful for love.

Happy day-after-thanksgiving, my fellow Americans. I hope you spend it hidden away from the insane shoppers and football like I am. Curled up with those you love, doing something you love. Or at least having fun.


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I just wrote the first difficult scene in my novel; two characters getting into a fight in a cemetery. Lots of high emotion and raised voices. I wrote 5800 words today, and I’m proud of it. I’m almost to 25k, but I need a break before I even think about continuing on tonight.

Last night we ate Awesome Tacos (devastating the kitchen in the process. Seriously, it was like a delicious spice-flavoured bomb went off in there) and watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which I loved even though Jeff and most of my friends were less enthused. I’m a tireless fan of Terry Gilliam’s work, and am pretty okay with a movie with a less than linear plot, especially when it features stunning visuals, several very attractive and very talented men, and Lily Cole.

Enjoy that image for a bit.

Moving on.

Today I spent most of the time napping, cleaning and working on catching up with my daily wordcount. We also had D&D, and Jeff’s roommate Alex gave me a late birthday gift:

Cute, ne? The design is inspired by Appa from Avatar the Last Airbender, which if you haven’t watched it (the show, not the festering bowel movement of a movie) is excellent and fun.

Here’s another view:

Once again proving that I am the coolest kid in school. But seriously, Appa is a badass. I am okay with adorning my head with a piece of cloth that represents his badassitude. Because Appa don’t take no shit.

That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow I have more writing, a dental appointment (to get my tooth drilled – woo!) and 120 pages of Freud to read. Wish me luck, and whiskey.

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Today’s been a fun and festive end to the week; class wasn’t particularly exciting, and neither was work, but the start to the weekend has been rather enjoyable so far.

After we got done on campus, Jeff and I went over to his place and decided to whip up a little something for dinner with what we had in the fridge. In terms of fresh vegetables, things were a bit scarce (the selection at Wal-Mart the night before had been extremely sub-par: we found a couple avocadoes and some fruit and that was all she wrote), but Jeff threw together a combination of vegetables in a tortilla that ended up being absolutely delicious, so much so that I’ve decided to post it up here to share with the internet. Because all delicious food should be shared:

Sauteed Vegetable Wraps

a.k.a. Shave n’ a Haircut (which is the name Jeff gave when I asked him what I should call it)

You need:

For the filling:
Two or three green onions
Carrots (preferably baby carrots, about a cup’s worth)
Sweet Corn (we used Green Giant frozen corn, again about a cup’s worth)
Black pepper (to taste)
2 tbsp Butter
Cooking oil
Shredded romaine lettuce
Flour tortillas
Shredded cheese (we used sharp cheddar, monterey and colby and pepper jack)

For the guacamole:
Two avocadoes
1 tbsp Sour cream
Minced Garlic (seasoning)
Chopped onion (seasoning)

Most of my measurements are very inexact and approximate. Our cooking is rather experimental.

First, make the guacamole. It’s a really simple recipe: Just scoop the delicious green meaty part of the avocado into a bowl and mash it up with a fork until all the big lumps are gone. Mix in the sour cream, and add garlic and onion to taste. After this is done (and has been tested with the aid of tortilla chips), set it aside or put it in the fridge so the flavours can marinate a little.

Now it’s time for the filling. Start off by chopping up the green onion and the carrots into small slices or dices. While you’re doing this, it’s a good idea to start the butter melting with the oil in the pan. You could probably use olive oil for this or no butter, but that takes away half the flavour, so I recommend leaving it in, and to hell with that diet.

Next, cook the sweet corn as directed on the frozen food packet (our stuff took about two minutes). When this is done, and the butter and oil is starting to sizzle a bit, throw the veggies into the pan and begin the sautee/stir fry process. Add pepper to taste (we would have tried other spices, but I have a very finicky stomach and Jeff didn’t have too much in the cupboard to do with seasoning that wasn’t red pepper flakes). Keep mixing it all up until the carrots begin to soften and it smells really good. And buttery, it’ll smell buttery.

Once the veggies are done, take ’em off the burner and set them aside. Heat up the tortillas (in the microwave, like the classy folk we are), shred the cheese if it didn’t come pre-shredded, and chop or rip up the lettuce. Then spoon some of the veggie mixture onto the tortillas and sprinkle with cheese of your choosing. Zap it in the microwave for a bit to get the cheese all melty, then repeat until you have as many tortillas as you can handle (Jeff and I each got through two little tortilla wraps before we were full). Add guacamole and lettuce as desired, wrap ’em up, and enjoy!

As well as this we munched on corn chips and enjoyed cold beer (Boulevard Wheat, the best beer in the Midwest), and discussed ways to adapt and improve this new cooking innovation. Next time we may add peppers (red or green), and might accompany the wraps with pico de gallo. Also, next time we will be using bigger tortillas, as the ones we used were more like soft taco shells. Delicious, but messy.

So there you have it. Cooking with whatever you have in the fridge on a college student budget. It was absolutely delicious.

That’s your random update for today. Not much about writing, but maybe that’ll change tomorrow. Or maybe not; I’m really just blogging about whatever wanders into my head, and this was too awesome not to share.

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