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Small Milestones

So, according to the nifty little stat tracker on my Dashboard page, this post will mark my 50th blog since I started this here website. This is without doubt the furthest I’ve gotten with blogging besides my excessively whiny friends-only Livejournal, so I will permit myself a post of celebration.

here, have a LOLcat

Because every celebration is better with LOLcats.



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I’m a Facebook addict. It’s not even something I’m embarrassed to admit, most people in college and high school are addicted to the social networking website. However, I know that Facebook consuming one’s life can be distracting, especially post college, so as an addict, I’m going to begin weaning myself off the Facebook Crack.

Here are my steps to reducing my Facebook time. They’re just my method, but if people have any suggestions, feel free to post them.

As a note: No, I am not intending to delete my facebook page at any point in time. Facebook is my most effective way of staying in touch with friends from high school who went to college in different states as well as my old friends who live in England.

1. Cease using Facebook Chat

This is the simplest one, and one I’ve been meaning to do for a while. As a client Facebook Chat is clunky, unreliable, inefficient and inconvenient. There’s no way to set one’s status except as their overall status on the network, on some browsers the receiving of a message prevents you from doing ANYTHING until you have looked at and responded to that message. I have lots of friends on Facebook, but the first step is informing them that if they wish to chat with me, I have a perfectly good AIM / MSN account.

2. Set facebook to maximum privacy

I did this when Facebook first came out, but due to changing terms and conditions and new features, new issues of privacy have come up. Thus, in order to maximize privacy on facebook, settings need to be adjusted both under Account Settings and Privacy Settings to Friends Only.

Why did I go for this? I don’t want people being able to search for me on Facebook. Facebook is not networking for me, it’s a place for keeping in contact with old friends. This is a fairly optional  step, but I consider it essential, especially as a person about to seek employment in the age of the internet.

Why does this help reduce Facebook usage? Less friend requests essentially. Nothing fancy, but it reduces Facebook as a Social Networking site for meeting people, thus reducing time.

3. Reduce Profile Information

By Profile Information I mean things like relationship status. Likes and interests. Things you post that give your impression on the internet. I say delete ’em. Get rid of them. Make them insignificant. Give the message to the internet that if people want to get to know you, they’ll have to work harder than just looking at your Facebook page. also, Relationship Status. For the most part, the information of who is dating whom leads to nothing but drama. Whether you’re single, married, divorced or anything in-between, keeping that information off Facebook can lead to less stress and drama.

4. Before checking Facebook, Check your email

Facebook sends updates to your email account, yes? It’s one of the primary functions of the site. Thus, checking one’s email allows the checking of facebook, and if you have no new messages from Facebook, then there’s no real reason to go to Facebook. This takes time, and practice, but it’s probably the most effective way to reduce Facebook time.

Why is reducing time on Facebook a good idea to me? Because we live in an age where internet communication is taking priority. We’re drifting apart and becoming more alone in our connections. And I’d rather a friend give me a call or meet me in person than talk to me on Facebook. Ultimately, I know I’ll be better for it.

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So Jeff and I watch a lot of TV in our spare time (the joy of Netflix), and lately we’ve been watching the show Angel, Joss Whedon’s excellent vampire drama. I’ve watched it before a few years ago on one of my long summers working at the Library, but the only exposure Jeff’s had to Whedon shows is Firefly. So we’ve been settling in over the break and enjoying mini-marathons of episodes of Angel.

Last night we decided to get a little silly and turn a couple episodes of Angel into a drinking game. For those of you who have some knowledge of the show, we’re in the middle of Season 2 and last night we watched ‘Blood Money’ (2.12) and ‘Happy Anniversary’ (2.13).

Here are the rules we came up with for the drinking game:

1. Every time Angel looks at the camera with a brooding expression, take a drink.
2. Every time Gunn says something excessively stereotypical / ‘token black dude’, take a drink.
3. Every time Cordelia has a vision, take a drink.
4. Every time Wesley says something excessively stereotypical / British, take a drink.
5. Every time Angel has an awkward conversation with a member of the opposite sex, take a drink.
6. Every time Cordy acts excessively obsessed with money, take a drink.
7. Every time Wesley adjusts his glasses, take a drink.
8. Finish your drink if at any time you wonder to yourself ‘how was this show considered PG?’
9. Take a drink every time the Wolfram and Hart lawyers are avoidant of a question, or blatantly lie to another character.
10. Drink every time Merl gets the crap kicked out of him.
11. Drink every time a character warbles through a bad karaoke routine for the Host.

That’s all we’ve come up with so far. Hopefully on various occasions as we watch this show together, we’ll come up with some more. What drinking games do you play with TV shows, especially Whedon shows?

(Also, for any curious parties, we were drinking screwdrivers. The subject matter would probably beg a more appropriate drink, like vodka-cranberry or a bloody mary, but all we had was vodka and OJ).

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It’s almost noon, and I’m still in bed. The wind is whistling outside the window and I’ve buried myself under the comfort of multiple blankets, one of which has penguins on it. I’ve been awake for probably about half an hour, and in that time I’ve done little, occasionally pondering shuffling to the kitchen for toast.

Laziness, as always, trumps hunger.

Today Jeff works from 9am until noon. When he gets here and promptly passes out from exhaustion, I’ll spend a couple of hours tidying up the kitchen and the living room as we’re having friends over tonight for Awesome Tacos and Bruce Campbell movies later tonight. Hitting the store for Awesome Taco ingredients is also required, but that can wait a few hours.

*Reminds herself not to forget the sour cream like she always does*

I also have over one hundred pages of Sigmund Freud to read for class today. I understand my professor’s logic in wanting us to read Freud so we can more accurately determine that he’s a misogynistic hack, but it’s seriously like pulling teeth. *sigh* the things I do for a well-rounded education.

At some point I also have to get a little writing done (I need to hit 20k today to stay on my maximum target- I hope to write more than that). I plan on plugging myself into my laptop with headphones and listening to playlists on Grooveshark, typing away until a few more scenes appear on my screen. Jeff will do Astronomy homework and we’ll distract each other with episodes of Angel and videogames until it’s time to cook and be merry with friends.

So that’s my Saturday, both the so far and the yet to come. I hope, whoever you are, that your Saturday is going this well. ❤


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Growing Up

Or something like it…

It’s 1:06 AM CST. I’ve been 23 for an hour and six minutes now.

As expected, it doesn’t feel much different. :p

My parents took me out to dinner at my favourite sushi place in town, then back home for presents and cake. In light of my camera keeling over about a month ago, my father presented me with a beautiful Sony Cyber-shot, which Jeff and I have been having fun with ever since (he likes to steal it and take pictures of me):


Jeff balances a stuffed pumpkin on his head. Not sure why, just because. My parents spend a lot of time decorating for halloween, which is partially due to me being born on that day, but also just for the fun of it. My parents like trick-or-treaters. For some reason. I don’t know why, they just take away all the candy. Little fuckers.

Yeah, I can be 23 and still hate small children. Deal with it.

Jeff ninjas a picture of me surrounded by the wrapping paper leavings of my gifts. It’s a graveyard for coloured paper. Horrifying really.

I have an obsession with things that are miniature. Especially pop. I love tiny cans of pop.

So that’s how the first little bit of my birthday went. After I sleep for a few (okay, maybe ten) hours, I’ll have an apartment to help decorate, and a party to enjoy.

Happy Halloween everyone. I hope your day is full of candy and people being ridiculous in strange outfits. You know, more than usual.

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