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It’s day three of the NaNo madness, and another day of the tremulous balance between wordcount and courseload. That’s been going all right though – I banged out a good 500+ words in Religion and Culture class today quite by accident while I was doing a bit of research (on viruses and pandemics. Also bioterrorism – I’m sure I’m back on the CIA’s watchlist for my google searches again :3 ). I added a nice chunk of words to my third chapter (which I hadn’t been particularly happy with. The ending was too abrupt and the tone was too dull). Who says editing is always bad during November?

After that I spent my two work shifts critiquing the short stories of two of my writing classmates. I’m not a big fan of forced, structured critique, and this class requires we not only turn in a single-spaced page detailing our thoughts and criticisms, but we give a copy of that letter to the professor.

Yes, we’re being graded on our critique. Go academia.*

So I read the two stories. Both were well-written (it’s the highest level undergrad writing class, this doesn’t surprise me), and at least one of them had an engaging plot and likable characters (the other didn’t go far enough and I ended up finding it boring and pointless. Sorry classmate, but your story was dull as dirt).

After this I ran my errands (quest to pick up roommate’s half of the rent complete. Quest to locate fingerless gloves complete. Quest to find gloves that are less itchy added to Log) and bought a mini-pizza, which I ate while watching Monday’s new episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Chuck (one of which makes me happy, the other makes me want to punch babies).

I then spent the next two and a half hours writing my short story for class. I’ve been debating for the last few days as to whether or not Valhalla should count towards my NaNo total, as it is a short story and not actually connected with my novel. Ultimately I decided that while a midterm paper wouldn’t necessarily count as wordcount material, a creative fiction piece should, as it’s in the same vein as NaNo in terms of style (I was definitely writing it on the seat of my pants for the most part). So two and a half hours and 5000 words later, I had a short story and had hit over 13,000 words total. I was, and am, pleased.

So it’s been a productive day for both school and writing. I feel scarily on top of things.

Now I just need to update my resume to get ready for the jobhunt. *cringes*

*We turned some of these letters in at midterms and my prof told me that my critiques were ‘too nice’. Heaven forbid I be kind to people. Apparently critique = assholery.


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Day Two:

Wordcount Goal: 6678
Current Wordcount: 7177

Another day of juggling homework and writing, but that’s unsurprising. I’m still on track for my 100k goal, and hoping to get ahead to 10k during the course of the next few hours so tomorrow I can quickly throw together my short story for writing class (which shouldn’t count towards my monthly wordcount, but I might throw that in anyway).

My greatest challenge today (besides staying awake – sleep has been elusive the last two nights) has been writing from Aaron’s point of view for the first time. Aaron’s the character I relate to the most (as we’re the same age) and the character I’ve developed the most, but when it came to writing from his perspective I chugged a bit before I got into it. Can’t be sure why that happened. Overthinking it perhaps?

The thing that got me out of that funk was handwriting. I finished (well, got bored with) the exercises assigned in my writing class, so I put pen to paper and carried on in longhand for a good 45 minutes to an hour. It was refreshing, even if it ended in a little wrist pain.

That’s the writing update for the day so far. Getting my wordcount up might be prevented by helping Jeff study for his Spanish test and growling at stupid people on the internet (after all, there are so many of them). That’s okay though – I’ll have plenty of time for that tomorrow.

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Fall break is almost upon us in my neck of the woods, which means buckling down and getting things done. I have a history midterm on the horizon, a couple papers due for my Religion classes, and plenty of reading to boot.

Yesterday I turned in my mid-semester writing portfolio for fiction class. I think my pieces turned out pretty well, so I figured I’d share them with you:

Wanderers: The short story I submitted. This is the second draft.

Short exercises: some expanded in class exercises I turned in.

Enjoy. 🙂

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