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Is working on this:

This is my sketchbook, the little notebook I’ll be filling from now until January 15th for The Sketchbook Project. It’s a simple idea: you get a sketchbook, and you fill it with drawings, thoughts and whatever other derp you like. You’re given a theme too. Mine is Coffee and Cigarettes (ironic, yes, but fun too).

The sketchbooks are sent back by January 15th 2011 and then they’re taken on tour before eventually being placed forever in the Brooklyn Art Library for anyone to read. Each sketchbook has a barcode on it so it’s possible to track how often someone reads your sketchbook:

There’s mine.

So far I haven’t filled it up with too much, just some random ramblings about how I don’t actually drink coffee and how I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. But I’ve been drawing my fun cartoony images in it along with writing things:

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I hope to scan some of my art and post it on the Sketchbook Project website. Here’s my profile, if you’re interested.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately, as well as studying like a madwoman for midterms and feeling ill thanks to what basically amounts to malnutrition (yay for an erratic diet of sugar and caffeine and not much else). That and NaNoWriMo is six days away. Madness, am I right?

Also, my good friend Sam is doing the Sketchbook Project (and NaNoWriMo) also. She has a blog, and you should check it out.


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